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Baby Bouncer Seat for Baby and toddler


What is included in the price?

The price you see is the price you pay, there are no added extras or nasty surprises. The price includes the product, taxes, duties, handling fees and shipment insurance. International shipment is free of charge to the countries listed in our web store

You can try it for 30 days, then if you’re not completely satisfied, return it and we’ll give you a full refund. Products bought without discount code can be returned internationally free of charge. For products bought with discount code, we will help you to get the best rate for the return shipment.

What exchange rate is applied to my order?

All our prices are in USD. If your home currency is different then we apply real-time exchange rates to your order. The rate you see at checkout is guaranteed amount and will not change once you accept an order. To determine the exact price before you buy, simply add items to your order and go through to our Checkout. We’ll show you the exact price for your order in USD and your currency before you place the order.

Do you offer financing on purchases?

No we don’t.


Where does Bombol ship?

At the moment we ship for free to the U.S., Canada, Europe (all countries, but unfortunately not yet to U.K. and Ireland), Asia Pacific (Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam), Australia and New-Zealand. (The only exception is the bamboo bouncer which we currently don't ship to the U.S. and Canada.)

But we want to bring Bombol to the whole world as soon as we can. So if your country’s not shown here, email us at and we’ll give you the best rate we can find.

All prices are listed in USD unless indicated differently.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free of charge and is traceable on all orders from our e-shop to the U.S., Canada, Europe (all countries, but unfortunately not yet to U.K. and Ireland), Asia Pacific (Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam), Australia and New-Zealand.

Please allow one to two full business days for us to process your order before shipping.

Do I have to pay duties & taxes on my order?

No you don’t. We want to make concerns about duties and taxes a thing of the past and we’ve worked hard to make this a reality. Duties, taxes and handling fees are included in the cost of your order. The price you see is all-in - no nasty surprises.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Sorry, no. Because we ship with various courier services, we can’t deliver to a P.O. Box address.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will arrive within 7-15 business days, depending on your location. Please expect delays to delivery time due to the large volume of orders during Black Friday and Christmas period.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order using the Order Tracking Code that we’ll send you. If your delivery service doesn’t have a record of your order, it may not be in the system yet. We recommend waiting and trying again the following business day.

How do I send items to multiple addresses?

If you’re ordering multiple quantities of the same item and want to send them to different addresses, please make sure you add each item to your cart separately. You’ll then be able to specify the different addresses on the Shipping page in Checkout.

How will my order be packed?

All items will be shipped in a standard Bombol gift box. Each product is carefully packed to give you peace of mind and shipment insurance is included.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Any items that are in stock normally ship within 24–48 hours after an order has been placed. We will accept cancellation of your order for items that have not shipped. Just email us at

Once an item has shipped, cancellation is not possible. Custom and special order items cannot be cancelled.

Can Bombol change my delivery address after the order is paid and confirmed?

No we cannot. Once the order has been paid and confirmed, the order is sent automatically to our logistics partner. At this point it is not possible for us to change the address anymore. If the parcel is returned due to a wrong delivery address, shipment costs will be deducted from the refund.

So please make sure you insert correct information at the checkout page.


What's this I hear about a 30-day trial? And what's your return policy?

It’s pretty straightforward: once you receive your Bombol product you have 30 days to try it out, Instagram it, travel with it, tell all your friends about it and generally get to know it. If at any point during those first 30 days you decide it’s not for you, just send it back and we’ll give you a refund – no questions asked.

Products bought without discount code can be returned internationally free of charge. For products bought with the “Welcome” discount code, we will help you to get the best rate for the return shipment. Discounted products such as warehouse clearance sales or special promotion campaigns will not be taken back.

How do I return it?

First, send us an email at

For products bought without discount code, the international return is free of charge and we’ll send you a free shipping label. For products bought with discount code, we will help you arrange the pickup at the best rate we can get for you.

Then, just pack the product back in its original packaging and attach the label. After receipt, we’ll inspect it, and if the goods are not damaged and in a state for re-selling, your money will be refunded to the original account from which you paid within 30 days.

Are any products excluded from your return policy?

Yes. Unfortunately we can’t offer refunds on discounted goods bought during promotion campaigns, goods ordered outside our web store or bespoke goods.

We also can’t offer a refund on parts of a product, for example, the New Born Kit (NBK) cannot be refounded seperately unless it is returned with the bouncer.

What if I have a return from a country not eligible for Bombol’s free shipment?

If you want to return an order that’s not from a country on our free delivery list during the 30-day period, please email and we’ll do all we can to find you the cheapest rate possible. Original shipping fees are non-refundable.

Please clearly mark that this is a return on the Commercial Invoice and send to:

BOMBOL LIMITED;Unit 602, 6/F, Kowloon Centre;33 Ashley Road;Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, 999077 Hong Kong


Bamboo 3Dknit™ Bouncer looks so simple. What’s so different about it?

First, Bamboo 3Dknit™ is not just a traditional bouncer for babies. It transforms from a cradling hammock with bespoke support for newborns that prevents slumping, to a comfy chair that stimulates a baby`s wriggling skills, to a lounger for 5-year-old toddlers, extending Bamboo’s lifetime by a couple of years.

Second, it does not just bounce gently to soothe your baby; the patented Dynamic Backrest (DBR) gives your baby the freedom to change position from playing to resting without your help.

Third, you can adjust the bouncer in an infinite amount of positions without removing your baby or disturbing their rest. And a nice bonus is the minimal and elegant design that blends seamlessly into any contemporary interior.

The frame bounces so gently but holds up a five years todler. How is that possible?

Aluminium is a very elastic and very resistant lightweight material. The thin design of the upper part allows Bamboo to translate even the smallest movements of the baby into gentle bouncing. The patented 3D curves make the thin aluminium bar mechanically sound and extremely resistant. The result of this delicate mix is a frame with amazing precision mechanics. Plus, because there’s no regulating mechanism, there are fewer parts to potentially break.

What exactly is the patented Dynamic Backrest (DBR)?

A traditional bouncer traps your baby into one of 3 inclanations of the fixed sitting position you choose for her or him. Bamboo 3Dknit™ gives your baby freedom of movement thanks to the Dynamic Backrest (DBR). This patented feature works a bit like an articulated office chair that follows your movements while giving you good support. In other words the chair adapts to the child, not vice versa. This very ergonomic solution helps your baby actively discover his or her body and develop muscles and movement coordination.

How do I use Bamboo 3Dknit™?

Bamboo 3Dknit™ has no regulating mechanisms, buttons or electronic gadgets. It is designed to operate autonomously to give your child maximum comfort, and give you peace of mind.

The only thing you can operate is the lock for the Dynamic Backrest (DBR). And should your baby want to rest while sitting up, all you have to do is unlock the DBR and bring your baby gently to the resting position without disturbing them.

Why the name Bamboo?

During our research we considered bamboo as a material, which is widely used in Asia for its combination of low weight, strength and flexibility. Although bamboo alone didn’t prove adequate for our bouncer’s construction, it became the reference point of what we wanted to achieve with our design.

My kid is a bit on the wild side, how much can the frame take?

It’s virtually impossible for a child to break the frame because of the absence of a delicate regulating mechanism. When your child jumps onto Bamboo, it can fold in two without the risk of breaking. The 3D curve makes sure that the frame returns right back to the same position.

Can I store Bamboo 3Dknit™ easily?

If you wish to store Bamboo 3Dknit™ you can quickly take teh frame apart and pack it away. Please do not recommend keep Bamboo 3Dknit™ forcefully deformed as it causes permanent deformation of the frame.

How to clean the bouncer if it gets dirty?

The seat cover is machine washable with cold water and mild detergent. Do NOT use softener.

When can my child start sitting in Bamboo 3Dknit™?

Bamboo is suitable for babies from about 3.5kg or 7.7 lbs.

How long can my child sit in the baby rocker each time?

Your child can sit in the Bamboo 3Dknit™ bouncer as long as he or she is happy. Rests are also fine as long as it is not for extended periods of time. Please remember, a baby bouncer does not substitute a bed. For this reason we recommend keeping an eye on your child’s needs and regularly taking them out of the baby bouncer for sleeps.

Is Bamboo 3Dknit™ certified?

Absolutely! Bamboo 3Dknit™ has been fully and exclusively tested by Intertek, the renowned and accredited external safety institute. Bamboo 3Dknit™ complies with the strict European safety norm EN 12790:2009 (Child use and care articles. Reclined cradles.) and North American ASTM F2167-19, and is probably the only bouncer that also complies with EN1728:2012-clause 6.17 for adult furniture, meaning it can be safely used by children up to five years old. Every single component is compliant with the CPSIA and REACH, one of the strictest norms to date regulating chemical substances.

Bombol says that Bamboo 3Dknit™ is certified up to a five years old toddler, but the label on the bouncer says it is only up to 9kg. How come?

Don’t worry, Bamboo 3Dknit™ is fully certified. The reason for this odd difference lies within the nature of the certifications. The norm EN 12790:2009 (Child use and care articles, reclined cradles) is designed for tradtional bouncers and only allows certification for 6 kg or 9kg, full stop. Part of the requirements to get the certification is that the maximum weight is indicated permanently on the product. So Bombol has to carry the 9kg limit on the label. Bamboo’s innovation lies in the fact that it’s not only a plain baby bouncer, but that it can be transformed into a sturdy chaise longue. So, Bamboo has a second certification - EN 1728:2012 - as furniture in order to “upgrade” its weight limit to 18kg.

What kind of test guarantees that my child can use Bamboo 3Dknit™ up to a five years old toddler?

Bamboo 3Dknit™ went through some serious testing before claiming to be the toughest of its kind. The EN 1728:2012 requires the bouncer to withstand 20,000 drop cycles of 100 kg on the seat and 30 kg on the backrest without any damage.

How should I wash the fabric seat of my bouncer?

The fabric is easy to take off and should be machine-washed separately (30°C). Please remove the inserted rigid supports from their internal pockets before washing. We recommend a gentle, bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. It would damage the 3D spacer.

Are any accessories available for Bamboo 3Dknit™?

No, Bamboo 3Dknit™ comes all in. There is no need for add-ons to extend teh functionality.

How ecological is Bamboo 3Dknit™?

We’ve taken several steps to reduce the environmental footprint of Bamboo 3Dknit™.

First, we’ve extended the lifetime of the product as much as possible because what is not thrown away does not pollute. We encourage you to pass on the bouncer frame (after checking it’s still in good working order) and only change the fabric seat if needed.

Second, by counting on you to do part of the assembling of the frame, we reduce the packing size. Smaller packaging reduces shipping air, and thus reduces the carbon emission from transportation.

And third, what happens with Bombol when you don’t need it anymore? Bamboo is almost entirely made of recyclable materials. The materials are unified as much as possible to make differentiated recycling easy: the frame is almost entirely aluminium, the seat fabrics and 3D spacer are entirely polyester, and the supports are 100% PE, which can be recycled with your plastic bottles.


Can I use Pop-Up in the car?

No! Pop-Up is not a car seat. It has been designed and tested for domestic use when mounted on an adult chair.

From when can my child start using the booster?

You can start using the Pop-up booster from the moment your child can sit up by himself or herself, which on average is 6 months old.

Is it safe enough to sit also bigger children?

Yes! The secret lies in the triangular geometry of our origami design. The triangle is the only geometric shape that cannot be deformed even when the corners are hinges. When the booster is opened, a whole lot of triangles are locking into place to create a construction that’s similar to a crane or a bridge.

As a matter of fact, to develop the origami we made countless samples out of 1.2 mm paper and adhesive tape. Once we had a paper sample that was collapsible and our adult designer could stand safely on it when opened, we had proof the mechanical design was sound.

Then we submitted Pop-Up to the toughest booster safety norm ASTM F2640 which requires a booster to resist a 25kg drop test 500 times. And to give you peace of mind, we dropped 75kg onto Pop-Up, not 500, but 20,000 times to comply with the international safety standard for furniture, EN1728:2012. It didn’t break.

Until what age can my child use the booster?

The age limits are prescribed by the safety norms that are applicable in your area. The Pop-Up booster is compliant with the EU booster safety norms which puts a limit of 3 years old or 15kg. The Pop-Up booster is equally compliant with the U.S. booster safety norms which put a limit of 5 years. They are different because the mechanical tests used to certify the product are different. The toughest one is the US where a booster needs to survive 500 poundings with 22.7kg (50 lbs). To be on the safe side, we tested the Pop-Up booster with 20.000 poundings of 75kg, in other words it was submitted to the same test as an adult chair. It passed!

Is Pop-Up certified?

Yes. Pop-Up complies with the international safety standard for boosters, EN 16120:2014 and ASTM F2640.

The toughest booster safety norm ASTM F2640 requires a booster to resist a 25kg drop test 500 times. To give you peace of mind, we dropped 75kg onto Pop-Up, not 500, but 20,000 times to comply with the international safety standard for furniture, EN1728:2012. It didn’t break.

How portable is Pop-Up?

We don’t know about any other padded booster seats that weight just 1.2 kg and you can slide into your bag and pop open when you need it. It is like Mary Poppins’ magical bag.

Is the booster easy to clean?

Yes. The fabric has a non-toxic coating that resists water and even tomato sauce and olive oil. The seat and backrest are a continuous surface, so no food can get trapped in the seams. Just a rinse and a wipe, and the booster is good as new.

Mess tends to go everywhere, so we also made the belt entirely detachable so you can wash it in the washing machine.

Can Pop-Up be mounted on all chairs?

On pretty much all chairs, yes. The large shoulder strap of the bag double up as large safety belts which run under and behind the chair. So as long as it’s not a closed-in sofa-like chair, Pop-Up can be safely mounted.

Does Pop-Up have a five-way or a three-way safety harness?

Pop-Up comes with a super-safe five-way harness. The shoulder straps are elastic to guarantee maximum comfort and you don’t need to adjust the shoulder straps when the booster is used by more children.