Spring Cleaning with Kids

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Mommy’s Little Helpers

While watching a travel show about Japan the other night (to sooth my travel itch, even if it is only by watching a TV show), I was so impressed by how Japanese students learn to clean up their classrooms and schools every day, starting from a really young age!  I think this could be good inspiration for parents from other parts of the world who want to teach their children the important life-skill of cleaning.

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Spring is a new beginning

The weather is going to get warmer, so Spring Cleaning involving your kids could be a good way to start!  When they are really small, just the idea of being part of the annual family cleaning activity can leave a deep impression in their little minds.  Then they progress to being responsible for putting away their own toys every day, and then to help with light house chores when they grow a bit older.

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There are so many benefits of teaching children to clean or tidy up their surroundings, according to this article from a blog on education, children can develop a self confidence from successfully cleaning up after themselves or helping others to do so.  The sense of accomplishment encourages them to continue the good job and move on to becoming more independent on daily tasks.  But the benefit I find most important for children in this article is the social skills that cleaning up can teach them: to be considerate and aware of the effect their actions have on others around them by tidying up after themselves.

Do it Yourself

So how should we start involving a toddler in the big Spring Cleaning task?  Many wise and experienced parents have great suggestions on getting the little princes and princesses to get off their precious little butts and start tidying up!  Asking the little ones start by sorting and putting away their own toys in their designated play areas is great to give them a sense of responsibility.  Next time they are looking for that lost toy truck they might have an idea where it could be because they put it away themselves!

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Cool Tools 

For older kids, it’s time they start to learn how to use some simple household tools to help them clean a bit better!  After all, this is a basic life-skill all of them will need to have when they grow up, so might as well start learning how to use the right tool for each task!  Handheld vacuum cleaner and small dustpan with brush are great tools that are both easy to handle for them and at the same time make them feel like they are “old enough” to use something the adults at home normally use.

With manageable tasks and the cool tools to help them, I am sure the kids are all excited about helping you spruce up your home in time to welcome Spring!

Stay Sparky!

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