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Bamboo Bouncer next to table with design magazine

Family Moments

One of my fondest childhood memories is the numerous Sunday afternoons spent playing with my toys on the rug in front of my mom’s armchair.  She would have her favourite music blasting and relaxing with a book in hand.  My dad would be submersed in the week-old pile of newspaper to catch up on the news he missed. Everyone was doing something they like, yet we were spending time together all the same! 

The Great Toy Invasion

Having a play corner for your baby is definitely something to consider when space permitting.  Nowadays staying home is still very much encouraged, to avoid everyone hiding in his / her own room all day, the living room should be the main part of the home where everyone gathers to spend some quality time as a family.  However, one of the biggest challenges is to minimize the clash in style when adult furniture and decoration faces off with multi-coloured toys of the little one, popping up everywhere like little mushrooms!

Grey Bouncer fits beautifully in an elegant living room

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Marking the territory

From the research I have done, there are a few tips that are recommended by experienced moms and interior professionals alike.  Firstly, identify the space for your baby to play / relax in with a cute little rug or low table, no matter how small it seems.  It can be a corner in the living room or a wall with low shelves next to your sofa, this can make your baby feel like he has his own space within the family living room.

Get organized 

Secondly, little baskets or boxes are perfect storages for toys and the toddler can learn to get organized at an early age too!  Include a comfy bouncer in the corner for some quiet reading and story times, that’s a perfect way for both you and baby to relax before going to bed!

Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer in reading corner of a living room

Photo Credit: @happynomadsouls

Let’s hangout together

To me, family time doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same activity together, but it can also be the warm & peaceful feeling of just being together in the same space, each doing something relaxing and fun.  So, get started on creating a play corner for your little one and enjoy each other’s company while hanging out in the living room!

Stay Sparky!


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