How to Teach Our Kids to Eat Healthily

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It is never too early to learn to eat healthily

In recent years, our way of living has become so much faster and when efficiency is key, a meal is often prepared and eaten quickly, in front of our computers or the TV.  For our kids, the temptation of yummy-but-not-so-healthy processed foods and fast foods are basically everywhere they look, in the school cafeteria, vending machines, or on their way home in convenience stores.  Apart from teaching our children to have an open-minded attitude towards food in general, it is also important to help them develop a healthy eating habit to avoid future health or obesity issues.

Baby choosing green bean over French Fries  

Now is the best time!   

With so many of us working from home and the kids are remote learning, this might actually be a chance for us to do just that!  Since we are having all our meals at home and having to prepare 3 meals a day for the family, it could be a good occasion for them to learn about healthy eating under a relatively “controlled” environment.  The foods they find at home would be those you buy and you can encourage them to snack on healthier options by stocking the kitchen counter with fruits and wholesome munchies instead of the junk food they could normally get easily from school’s vending machines.

Bowls and Cup filled with vegetables and fruits

It’s all fun and games

For the smaller kids, it is always useful to feed them the information in a visually attractive and fun way to teach them the essential basics of healthy eating.  Learning through games is always a good way to go and can hopefully make the information more impressionable.

Show them how it’s done

I think the most effective way is to practice what we preach!  I have always been a home baker and my girls grew up watching me busy in the kitchen baking up a storm!  They would be sitting on their booster at the kitchen table, playing with dough scraps or just getting flour all over them while I baked.  As they got a bit older they were my little kitchen assistants and now, both of them are avid bakers who each own a couple of “signature” recipes they are proud of! 

Little Boy on a booster with dirty face and smile

It always tastes better when they make it themselves

We can definitely create interest in cooking with fresh ingredients and coming up with healthy and delicious meals that the kids understand and enjoy.  I came across this website that advocates healthy school lunches and encourages children learning how to cook with fresh everyday ingredients.  They even have tutorial videos where children demonstrate the basic cooking skills and showcasing easy recipes of dishes from all over the world!  Kids can learn how to cook, get interested in healthy eating, and learn about other cultures through food! 

What are you waiting for, grab your kids and head to the kitchen!  Stay Sparky!

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