Easter Celebrations

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Let’s Welcome the Bunny

It’s been almost four months since the last holiday season, finally Easter is here and we have another good occasion to bring some joy and celebration to the tedious pandemic life one year on!  Let’s welcome the arrival of Spring and the Easter Bunny!

Bunny on a Nest with Eggs

Get inspired

Depending on the country and cultural background, moms around the world always have their own go-to method and materials for decorating Easter Eggs, be it water color, food coloring, or glitter plus glue.  It is really amazing how different countries celebrate Easter in such different ways and produce such elaborate artistic interpretations of the Easter Egg.  For us busy parents, we don’t need to be too ambitious, just start with some easy but fun decorations and sprinkle them around your home!  That will surely get the Easter atmosphere going.   

It’s a cultural journey

While showing our kids what are the different ways of celebrating Easter around the world, another great way to raise their awareness is to introduce them to a list of books on Easter traditions in other countries.  It is amazing how one festive day can be so different in many places yet there is a central theme that weaves everyone together, no matter where we are.  Very often, even families from other religions would take this occasion to get together for a family meal and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Bunnies with Easter Eggs

Make it Virtual!

Unfortunately for so many of us, this year’s Easter celebration would need to be different, just like so many other festivities in the past year.  The new trend is to turn everything “virtual”, including the Easter Egg Hunt!!??  On the internet, there are some cool ideas on how to organize a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, the effort involved is no small feat but if that can give the little ones some excitement and joy with their buddies, it is all worth it!

Bring on the comfort food

Last but not least, even without a big family Easter Sunday brunch, preparing a special dish or two can put you in a better mood!  With Spring at the door, there are so many refreshing ingredients we can use to drive out any lingering Winter chill!  So, go and get ready for Easter and celebrate the arrival of a blooming and more positive season, things will only get warmer and better from now!

Happy Easter and Stay Sparky!

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