Medals for All Parents

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We got this!

After finishing my last blogpost of starting 2022 with small steps we can take to start the new year with calm and a positive mind, I came across a recent viral social media post by Dr. Mona Amin, a pediatrician and a mother, where she gave great advice on parenting during the pandemic.  She basically identified all the doubts, dilemmas, and frustration us parents have during the past 2 years.  It is already challenging enough to be as good a parent as we set off to be, but we also face the extra burden of navigating our families through a pandemic.  The main message in her advice is to cut ourselves some slack and that we are already doing a great job!  Prep talk like this coming from a fellow mom and a professional who helps families every day is most encouraging, no wonder her post went viral!

A Gold Medal for every parent

Looking at the bright side

Dr. Amin’s post gave me strength and got me even more determined to face this new year with positivity instead of dwelling in the negative experiences that COVID-19 brought.  If we look deeper, it has also made some positive long-term impact on many families.  Some parents noticed that by spending more time with their kids due to social-distancing measures, they got to do so many things together and they got to learn a lot more about their children, be it their personality or their talentsFamily values are once again taking on a more central role and the dynamics within the household are evolving in ways that normally would be difficult in pre-pandemic times.    

Dad spending time with children

Music to our ears

Apart from working on our inner peace, what else can we do to help to keep a positive vibe going throughout the year?  This article suggests that music could be the answer.  It provides refuge to both adults and children alike in times of stress and isolation, encourages imagination and is a great outlet for kids to explore their creativity.  Learning a new instrument could uncover some talents you never knew you or your child had.  Our daughter picked up the Ukulele two years ago when the pandemic started, and it has been one of her best companions ever since.   Why not create a family playlist from everyone’s all-time favorite songs to lighten the mood on weekends and family evenings? Small doses of positivity go a long way, so let the music flow!

Girl with her Ukulele

Stay Sparky!   

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