A Good Start to 2022

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Happy New Year from Bombol!

Happy New Year from Bombol

Happy 2022!!  Hope you had a nice Christmas celebration and that you managed to do some of the family relaxation activities from your bucket list?  With the arrival of a new year, there is always this voice at the back of my head telling me to make some new year resolutions.   But having gone through a seriously hectic year and realized that I have abandoned my small and more realistic resolutions for 2021 somewhere between April and May (maybe even earlier?), maybe I need a different game plan!

Self-care comes first

Glass of water with lemon in spa

So this year, I think I am going to try a more “holistic” approach to my overall well-being instead of setting specific goals I would like to achieve.  Starting with something small on myself, such as drinking more water or trying to get more sleep, could just be the answer!  Feeling more refreshed from getting enough sleep, and properly hydrated therefore have better skin sounds motivating enough already!  And it is something I can start doing right away, don’t need to wait for the new year!

Be a happy parent

Happy mother holding her baby

Then I can expand my “well-being circle” to those in my family, especially my husband and the kids.  When we are so absorbed with our daily tasks, I will try to just take a moment and “smell the flowers”, to simply enjoy the company of our other half and the kiddos!   Being a happy parent can change the dynamics at home and the children will for sure sense it. 

Pleasure as motivation

Sign saying excuse me I have to go be awesome

Holiday season is always the best time to catch up with close friends and extended family.  But there seems to be never enough time during the year to spend more time with them.  Sometimes even a phone call seems to evade us when there are a thousand things going on in our mind. Work before pleasure has always been my habit and I tend to feel guilty if I do something pleasant when I know I still have “unfinished business” to complete.  But after reading this article, I might want to change this mentality.  Relatives, friends, and little indulgences can come first.  The thought of a friend or a relative might pop into mind when I am working, so instead of waiting till the end of the day and therefore might forget to do so, I will try to send that text to just to say hi or pick up the phone for a short hello.  Or taking a longer coffee break whenever I feel overwhelmed should be guilt-free.  I think this can actually help me to be more productive and more resistant to burn-outs in the long run.

A new year will no doubt come with new challenges, and let’s face them with a calm mind and good health - a little bit of everything goes a long way! 

Stay Sparky in 2022!

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