Halloween 2022 Here We Come!

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Are you ready for Halloween?

It’s time to get your creative juice running again coz Halloween’s just around the corner!  After 2 years of “alternative” Halloween celebrations, we can finally celebrate this festival in the traditional way!  Since this year’s Halloween is on a Monday, we basically have the entire weekend to immerse in the spooky mood! What kind of fun activities can we do with the kiddos on a Halloween weekend? 

Halloween Decorations

Go big or go home

While growing up, we used to hang out regularly with our extended family at our grandparents’ home.  One year during Halloween, together with my sisters and cousins, we created a “haunted room” for the adults to visit.  We spent the entire evening decorating the room to create this scary experience for our visitors!  We got fake spiderwebs, scary masks, black cloth draping over lamps, and of course face paints to turn ourselves into Frankenstein, Dracula, Zombies, and other spooky characters.  One of us would be the tour guide to lead the adults to different stations in the room where they could find kid-sized “corpses” and skeletons strewn on the floor or hanging from the furniture.  It was so much fun for both adults and kids!  Why not turn your home into a haunted house experience for the kids and their friends?  Or on a smaller scale, younger kids can build their own scaled haunted house with recycled materials.

Halloween Lanterns

Be original!

Then there are the costumes to think about.  With an entire weekend to prepare for Halloween, DIY costumes should not be too big a challenge for handy parents and their kids.  Nothing beats the sense of pride when children show off the original one-of-a-kind costume that they made by themselves or with their parents!  Take a look at this website for some cool and fun homemade costumes.  Don’t worry if you are not handy with a sewing machine or needles and thread, there are some no-sewing required costume ideas too!  I wish I had access to these great ideas when I had to make my daughter’s first Halloween costume, she was so upset because I dressed her up as Kermit the Frog instead of a cute spooky witch!

Halloween Candy Platter

Are you bloodthirsty?

Last but not least, a Haunted House experience cannot be concluded without a visit to the dining table to feast on some delicious yet scary snacks to settle the kids’ nerves after the spooky tour.  Care for some bloody severed witch’s “fingers”?  Or slurp on some muddy punch with an “eye” or two swimming in the cup?  I am all for creating a fun party for the parents too, so some Halloween-themed cocktails would be most welcome after we have put in so much effort to make sure the little ones have the best Halloween weekend.  So, bottoms up!

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Bombol Halloween Filter

Stay Spooky!

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