A Most Unusual Halloween

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Let’s Make this an Alternative Halloween!

Tricky to go Trick-or-Treating  

With social distancing rules still in place across so many cities, many families are probably hesitant to go Trick or Treating or think twice about hosting costume parties this October.  With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, many of us (especially the kids, and the “kids in us”) are feeling disappointed in not being able to go out and haunt the streets!   So, let’s make the best out of the situation and go for some special Halloween activities that we will all remember for years to come (maybe some of these activities will even remain as new holiday traditions from now on!)

Colorful Candies and Chocolates arranged in a tray

Let’s Celebrate together…at a distance!

This year’s new Halloween fashion must-have has got to be the face mask!  Many kids are probably already designing their own Halloween-themed masks to show off either at school or online (if remote learning continues).  There are so many great ideas out there on the internet and so many possibilities to get creative.  It has always been a challenge to get the kids to wear their masks and KEEP them on, so having a cool mask can be a great incentive.  The perfect accessory to stay festive and stay safe at the same time!

Halloween candies arranged in a tray with Pop-Up booster on a chair next to it.

It is all about having quality family time.

Many of us have fond memories of dressing up in matching costumes with our parents and going trick-or-treating together.  Well, instead of trick-or-treating, this year’s Halloween can still be a family occasion for bonding.  Turn the kitchen into a sinister lab with a booster seat set up at the kitchen table for your little assistant and do some crazy spooky experiments with Dad the Mad Scientist.  Stir up creepy potions or create scary snacks with Mom the Witch, to be consumed together during your Halloween movie marathon!

There are so many cool ideas out there to make Halloween extra special, our kids will for sure find this year’s festivities most memorable and fun!

Stay Spooky…oh, I mean Stay SPARKY!!!

Halloween candies arranged into a scary pumpkin on a tray

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