Thanksgiving is Near

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Family comes first!

The leaves have turned golden while the weather has gotten cooler, this means it’s almost Thanksgiving!  Although Thanksgiving is a North American tradition, many countries around the world also have their own festivals dedicated to the season of harvest.  These are occasions for families to come together and give thanks to what we have.  Everyone has been affected by the pandemic and families faced various challenges because of it.  Many of us also received support and love from each other, so it is especially important to give thanks this year, more than ever. 

A Basket of Yellow and Orange leaves in a basket on the forest floor

Roll up your sleeves and get cooking!

No matter where we are around the world, celebrating Thanksgiving in the US, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, or Dia de Acao de Gracas in Brazil, it is always a family occasion.  Family and close friends sharing a meal prepared with love is just what we need! Cooking a celebratory meal for loved ones sometimes takes creativity and planning but this website suggests so many different dishes from appetizers to drinks and desserts that allows you to have easily 10 years’ worth of harvest dinner menus without repeating a dish!  For the non-traditionalists, there are also other alternative dishes to give a more international flair to your dinner.   

It’s a family matter.

For those who want to capture the culinary moments of family celebrations and leave a legacy, how about putting together your family’s very own special cookbook that features Grandma’s secret sauce, Uncle Bob’s famous meatloaf, or Grandpa’s homemade grappa?  This cookbook can be a family project that you can leave for future generations and it makes a wonderful Christmas gift too!  To take the challenge up a notch, creating your own recipe of a family special dish for important occasions will certainly give even more meaning to your get-together!  Get your little one set up on a booster in the kitchen and you have an official taster for your creations!

Baby holding on to father’s finger at the dinner table

We will celebrate Thanksgiving no matter what!

But wait, we are in 2020 and many of us are currently under some sort of COVID lockdown!  Does it mean all the careful planning of a family meal needs to go down the drain???  I refuse to let the pandemic ruin this festive moment, it’s just another hurdle to overcome, and we need to make the best out of the situation!  Here are some guidelines we can follow to have a socially distanced Thanksgiving, which gave me the idea of cooking the meal all the same and delivering it to our loved ones so we can have a virtual Thanksgiving meal together from our respective homes while sharing the same food that we prepared with love!  Have a Sparky Thanksgiving!

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