Summer Fun at Home

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Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer on the terrace

Home for the Summer

While some families are planning their Summer getaway after being cooped up at home for so long during the COVID lockdowns, many of us who live in cities where quarantine regulations are still very strict are not going anywhere any time soon.  So it can be a bit stressful to find Summer activities for the kiddies while still trying to observe some form of social distancing.

Home improvement

For my family, since going away for holiday is not an option, we have decided to come up with a simple family DIY project to spruce up our home and to use this opportunity to do some family bonding.  Each of our 2 daughters is responsible for designing and creating 1 item to improve our living room, while of course my husband, being an industrial designer, has a more ambitious project for himself in mind!  And I will be everyone’s assistant to hand out tools and prepare refreshments!  If you are not the handy type, smaller Summer-themed craft projects for the kiddos can be tonnes of fun too.

Paint Buckets and brushes

The Happy Camper

While looking on the internet for ideas for things to do this Summer, I came across this website that teaches you how to set up your own Summer Camp at home for your kids and maybe even their friends.  You can assign different themes, durations, and activities by following their “planner”!  This is such a brilliant idea that can let your children avoid crowded places, yet still get to do fun activities with a couple of their closest friends.  It might be more work for the parents, but maybe you can take turns with other parents to host the camps.  This way the kids will be hanging out in a different “camp-site” each week.

Little Boy in PJ by the fire

Summer Treats

Last but not least, to tie in beautifully the whole Summer themed family time, here are some really beautiful, delicious, and healthy summer desserts you can prepare at home.  Better yet, have the kids make some yummy treats for everyone.  Nothing beats a homemade fruit ice-lolly to cool down the Summer heat, while taking a break from your DIY project!

Stay Sparky!

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