Mother's Day Celebration

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A day to remember…

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and it is a good moment to pause the hectic lives we are living and take the time to give thanks and appreciation to our mothers, and the mother figures in our lives who are just as important.  Now that I am also a mom, I realized how much love and sacrifices came my way and I am doing my best to pay it forward to my kids in turn.   

Little Girl Hugging Mommy

How to celebrate?

So what would be an ideal Mother’s Day celebration?  For me, it would be great to gather several generations of mothers at a table, sharing great food and memorable stories with the entire family.  Yeah, dream on, right?  I can settle for a video call with everyone, we can still exchange great memories and maybe a few Mother’s Day jokes, just not the food!   

Best bonding time

Home life has been so busy for everyone because of the pandemic that there seems to be so many more chores to do around the house.  Laundry seems to pile up faster and so do the dishes in the sink now that we are eating at home all the time at all hours, so many lose items to put away, toys to repair, and the list goes on.  So take Mother’s Day as your day-off and just kickback and enjoy the company of your family.  Spend some bonding time with your kids, and let them pamper you and show you how much they love you by making you breakfast in bed (and IGNORE the mess they have made in the kitchen, you can do it!)

Mommy with her daughters at lunch

Where’s the popcorn?

One of our family’s favourite chill-out time is to snuggle up and watch a movie that we choose together by popular vote.  Since it’s Mother’s Day, I will choose the movie and the kiddies will have to make the popcorn (oh boy, more mess in the kitchen!)   There are many benefits of watching TV together with the kids because we tend to watch something different than what they would normally watch by themselves.  Our little one always objects to EVERY program we propose, but since she’s the minority she needs to watch what we choose, and she always ended up loving it!  This really opens their minds to different TV genres and themes (no matter how much they object in the beginning), at the same time we can provide any explanation they might find helpful while we watch. 

Mommy holding her boy

Bombol wishes all mommies a wonderful and Sparky Mother’s Day!

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