How to Travel Around the World in 80 Days – From Home!

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Our Computers and Laptops Become Our Tour Guides!

To go, and where to go…is the question

The current pandemic crisis makes international travels basically impossible this summer, forcing us all to stay put in our own countries for at least the next few months, if not more.  Unfortunately, this also means our kids are missing out on the precious opportunity of experiencing the sights and sounds of new cultures while enjoying new delicacies abroad. 

So, how can we scratch that travel-itch and not deprive our kids of the luxury of travel from the comfort of our home?  One of the more obvious activities could be virtual tours, that’s probably the closest option we have from the real deal!  Actually, some of these tours offer such adventurous destinations that we would normally not be able to bring our kids there!  There are virtual reality tours that take you to the Everest, underwater worlds, and even Space!  For the artists in us, many famous museums around the world also have virtual tours so our kids won’t miss out on admiring their amazing collections.  Last but not least, to satisfy the kid in all of us, we can’t miss out on the theme park and zoo tours!

Hang On to your Booster and Buckle Up for a Sparky Food Adventure!

Would you like some hot chocolate with your crêpe, Monsieur?

OK, that took care of the wonder-lust, how about our curiosity on different cuisines from all over the world?  What would we eat after taking a virtual tour in the Museum of Modern Art in New York?  Or how to pair a meal for a toddler with a visit to The Louvre?  Have you ever wondered what do babies eat in France, Japan, China, or India?  For smaller babies, you might be able to get some good ideas from the cookbook by Leena Saini called “Around the World in 80 Purees”, that would get your baby to a good start in tasting different flavours around the globe!  For the more “experienced” eater in the family, and with food that Mom & Dad can also enjoy, check out this link that has great kids-friendly international recipes.   Lastly, we have created a series of recipe cards on Bombol’s Pinterest Board, “Baby Food Recipes”, to give you more ideas. Here’s a sneak peek:

Bombol Recipe Card for Italian Roasted Zucchini

Bon Voyage, Bon Appétit, and Stay Sparky!

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