From Nursery to Toddler Room

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Time is of essence

It just dawned on me recently that being a parent does not allow me the luxury of procrastination, there is simply no time for that!  Diapers need to be changed, meals prepared, homework followed up, or a splinter needs to be plucked ASAP from that little finger if not the tears won’t stop flowing! Converting the nursery into a toddler room is another great example when your baby is outgrowing their crib at such lightning speed that their feet threaten to burst through the panel at the foot end tomorrow.  No matter how much you still love the neutral and mellowed soft colors you have chosen for the nursery not long ago, it’s time to say goodbye and embrace the change.  Now let your child’s personality shine through by getting them involved in redecorating their room with you.

Designer Toddler Room

The Designer vs The Client

One of the biggest hurdles we went through when we converted our girls’ nursery into their big kid’s room was the “clash of taste” in terms of color choice and furniture style!  My husband and I tend to lean towards neutral tones such as greys and beiges, as well as minimal and clean lines for furniture.  But our “princesses” were obsessed with fuchsia pinks and bright purples that can blind you from a mile away!  Rightly so, it is their room after all, and they should be happy to sleep and play in it.  So, we went on a quest to design their room together that can make both parents and children happy.  In the end, the kids chose a bunk bed that looks like a little cottage in white and grey, this would provide them with a blank canvas where they can decorate with their favorite artworks, crafts, and other “princess” ornaments!  Their favorite princess heroine might change with time and color preferences too, so the neutral furniture is perfect for adapting to their ever-changing taste.

Cottage in the room

The Happy Place 

Another important thing we both agreed on was a small table for them to play and draw to their hearts’ content, plus a little nook where they can read their favorite books in their bouncer with an easy-to-access bookshelf.  Since they need to share a room in two, sometimes they would need some alone time from the other sibling.  So, this room should also be a little haven from the rest of the family for a bit of “kiddie me-time”. No matter how the toddler room turns out, if it is decorated together with them, the kids would always love it and find peace in their cozy little place.

Child in a tent

Have fun decorating together!  Stay Sparky


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