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You can probably imagine having a portable booster can be a game changer, not only when it comes to travelling with kids, but also when visiting relatives and friends who do not have a highchair to host your munchkin.  Additionally, it is a lifesaver for setting up home-schooling for your little one right next to your workstation at home without having to lug around that heavy cumbersome highchair from the kitchen! 

Pop Up has won numerous design awards such as the Reddot award, iF Design award, and Good Design Award, just to name a few.  It has also been included in the prestigious Best-of-Baby award of The Bump in 2019 and 2020,  and as one of the best travel high chairs for babies on "Ode Magazine" in 2021.  

Since the launch of our Pop-Up booster a few years ago, we have received some “popular” questions about the booster and its correct use.  So, we thought this blog post could be a good occasion to provide everyone who already has or is interested in the Pop-Up, and who might have the same questions in mind, with more information so you can make the best out of your Pop-Up!

From what age can my baby start to use the Pop-Up booster?

Pop-Up is suitable for babies who can sit up steadily without help and without swaying (around 6-9 months of age depending on the individual development of your baby).  The adjustable 5-point harness is great for smaller babies to give them extra security when using the Pop-Up.  When your little one is older and a bit taller, you can release the two shoulder straps and the 3-point harness instead.

Until what age can my child use the Pop-Up Booster?  Is there a weight limit?

The Pop-Up booster is compliant with the EU and US booster safety norms. The toughest one is the US norm where a booster needs to survive 500 poundings with 22.7kg (50 lbs). To be on the safe side, we tested the Pop-Up booster with 20.000 poundings of 75kg (165 lbs) and it passed!  So you don’t need to worry about any weight limit as long as your child weighs less than 75kg (165lb)!  Children can safely us the Pop-Up until they are tall enough to sit on an adult dining chair without the boost of height (around 4 years old).

How is the Pop-Up secured onto the adult chair?  What if my very active child sways forcefully from side to side, will the booster tip over together with the adult chair?

According to many international safety rules, the booster seat needs to be secured onto the adult chair in at least 2 places: around adult chair’s back and around the chair’s seat area.  That is why our Pop-Up comes with a big security belt that is long enough to go around the seat back of most dining chair designs and to go around the seat of the adult chair that allows you to fasten it tightly under the chair with a big buckle.  To test if the booster is installed correctly on the chair, you should be able to lift the booster together with the adult chair secured tightly to it.

If your toddler is super active and likes to sway from side to side forcefully, the below pre-caution is valid for all kinds of boosters, not just our Pop-Up.  Before putting the child in it, please make sure that Pop-Up is installed securely and passes the above “booster-lifting-with-chair” test. It is also especially important to use an adult chair with a sturdy base and legs that take up a bigger surface area. 

Never use the booster on high bar chairs, foldable chairs, stools with no backrest, nor benches.

What is the surface material of Pop-Up made of?  How can we clean it after use?

Pop-Up’s surface material is a polyester fabric that has a special PU finishing on top that is non-toxic yet gives it the stain-resistant and water-resistant superpower.  You only need to sponge clean the booster with a mild detergent and the booster is good as new!  Do not immerse the Pop-Up into water and avoid abrasive or alcohol-based detergents.

I find my brand new Pop-Up really difficult to open by pulling on the red tab, what am I doing wrong?

Like a pair of new shoes, the Pop-Up needs some time to soften up, especially being folded closed in its box for a while by the time it reaches you.  We recommend opening the booster for the first few times by “pre-opening” the seat’s backrest by hand first before pulling the red tab.  This will be a bit easier until the booster loosens up a bit more and you getting the hang of it.  To illustrate this better, we have made a tutorial video to show you exactly how it’s done:

Ask away!

We hope this article helped to answer most of the questions you might have on Pop-Up, or how to use a booster in general.  But do drop us a line at or leave us a message on our Facebook page if you need any further information.

Stay Sparky!

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